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Get a successful website design for your company at a good price, OneHoster will create you the best single or multilingual CMS website design and development service. We are one of the best web design companies in Egypt that will offer you a combination of creativity and technology, to build a successful website that enhances your business presence 24 hours a day, to reach new customers not only in your city but around the world.

As the best web design company in Egypt and the Middle East, our web design service comes with the premium features to build a successful website, such as building a single or multilingual website (Arabic + English), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase search visitors to your website, domain names registration and professional web hosting services , we will offer you the best price for website hosting services in Egypt and middle east. After creating the website we are ready to start in digital marketing service ,which will help you make much more sales.

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Website Design Service Plans

You will save time and money with our website design service, while you will focus on building the site content we will do the rest for you.

Personal Good for personal blogs
$00.00/First Year
1 year subscription
$00.00/year when you renew
Pro website design
Site in one language
20 pages
Free domain name (.com)
5 GB hosting size
1 email / 1000 MB
Links to social sites
1 admin account
Site visitors statistics
Company Excellent for companies in one language
$00.00/First Year
One year subscription
$00.00/year when you renew
Pro website design + logo
Site in One language
25 pages
Free domain name (.com)
10 GB hosting size
20 Email / 500 MB
Links to social sites
Site Visitors Statistics
Multi-Admin accounts
Premium Company Best choice for all companies / Multilingual
$00.00/First Year
One year subscription
$00.00/year when you renew
Pro Website Design + Logo
2 languages (Arabic and English)
30 pages
Free domain name (.com)
Unlimited hosting size
50 Email / 1000 MB
Links to social sites
Site visitors statistics
Multi-admin accounts
What we can

offer you?

Our business is simply making your business look better

A Complete Website Design
Designing a complete CMS/Jommla or CMS/WordPress website, for many activities such as ecommerce website design and store website design, personal websites, blogs, news sites, magazines, and corporate websites.
Domain Name Registration
Designing a complete CMS/Jommla or CMS/WordPress website, for many activities such as ecommerce website design and store website design, personal websites, blogs, news sites, magazines, and corporate websites.
Business Email Addresses
Instead of using the free e-mail service, you will get business e-mail addresses with the same domain name as your website. This will have a positive effect on your customers' confidence in your brand.
Multilingual Website Design
Our web design service is available in single or multilingual interface, some clients like to get both Arabic, English and any language you select is available also, and is excellent for companies and organizations that aim to reach out to a wider audience.
Website Logo Design
With our website design service, you will get a beautiful logo design for your website. Your site logo will reflect the identity of your business.
Best Technical Support
You will focus on creating content for your business and we will do the rest for you, such as web hosting maintenance and web hosting backup . However we will provide a technical support via e-mail support or phone support.
Admin Area Control Panel
You will control the content of your website yourself. With the easy-to-use CMS/Jommla or CMS/WordPress Dashboard, you can update your website information and add the latest news, topics, and activities.
Website Hosting Service
For free! You will get excellent web hosting service for your website on OneHoster’s shared hosting servers , VPS hosting server or dedicated hosting servers , with high availability, security and backup.

CMS Website Design Service Features

A Stunning Website Design
Are you looking for an attractive website design that maximizes your audience engagement and brings you more? Yes, so you are in the right website design company, OneHoster is of the best creative web design companies in Egypt and middle east, and one of the best web design companies, which can transform your business into an incredible online success with modern website designs that draw attention, reflect your needs and fit into your brand.
A Responsive Website Design
With the staggering growth of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, it is now essential that your business website is mobile friendly. OneHoster is a website design company that will offer that as a standard feature, so you will have a responsive CMS/WordPress website design that your clients can easily browse and find information, regardless of what type of device they are using like mobile phone, tablet, desktop, etc.
Simple Control Panel
Whether you are an individual or a company, you will not need to hire experienced people to manage your website. You will simply handle it yourself, How? Because OneHoster design a dynamic websites based on CMS/WordPress or CMS/Jommla, the most famous website content management system that will give a beautiful and comfortable control panel to manage with your website.
Search Engines Friendly
It is essential in OneHoster to create websites that are friendly to search engines such as Google. Because this will improve the ranking of the website during the search process , and bring it to the first results, which will increase the number of visitors to the site through search engines and get you more free organic traffic , thus you will get new customers and achieve further growth of your business.
Fast Powerful Hosting
OneHoster maintain its own multiple powerful servers , to ensuring that your website works around the clock without any problems. One of the advantages of OneHoster’s hosting is the “high availability”. We maintain daily server backup in case of any unexpected failure, we can revert you back to recent copy. Also, we offer SSD storage, fast performance, and high-security servers. Our data centers are among the best-connected hosting facilities in the world. Our data centers are implemented through a high-speed network specifically designed for dedicated server hosting .