what Is The Difference Between Pointers, Add-ons, and Subdomains ?


Subdomains are a way of creating separate accounts within your main account.
The subdomain can be accessed through a separate URL in the form of ‘http://subdomain.domainname.com’.
This represents a subfolder within the public_html level of your account and you can create e-mail accounts with the subdomain extension.
Subdomains are often used to make access to subdirectories easier by simply typing in a shorter domain name, rather than the full domain name and the directory name.

Domain pointers, parked domains, domain alias or domain forwarders:

This allows you to point multiple domain names to the same website.
For example: yourdomain.com, yourdomain.net and somethingelse.com can all point to the same location. However, it CANNOT point to a folder on the <a href=”https://onehoster.com/website-hosting-services-web-hosting-companies-in-alexandria-domain-and-hosting-price-in-egypt-web-hosting-services-web-hosting-website-shared-hosting-professional-web-design/”>main domain</a> and it does not have any FTP features.

Add-on domains:

An add-on domain is a secondary domain name that points to a folder (subdirectory) within the main hosting account. It can be added from your cPanel.
www.seconddomain.com will show the files actually in www.maindomain.com/afolder/

An addon domain will act like a full account; you can create sub-domains, email accounts, and FTP accounts for your addon domains directly from your cPanel .

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