How To Password Protect A Directory In CPanel ?

cPanel is a commercially available and popular Linux for managing all aspects of a web hosting account.
The resources on your cPanel, you can easily do this. Once you have password-protected a particular folder, the visitor will be required to provide the username and password you’ve set to view the files.
Here are the steps you need to follow

Log in to your cPanel.
In the Security section, click on the Password Protect Directories icon.
Select the directory to start with.
Click the Go button.
Select the directory you want to password-protect by clicking its name.
Check the Password Protect box.
Give the directory you want to protect a new name.
Click the Save button.

You’ve successfully password-protected your selected directory. It’s highly recommended to assign the directory you want to protect a new name (and the not use the one and the same name).