I Can't Login To CPanel Or Webmail

If you can’t login and don’t even get the username/password dialog-box, then most likely your current network blocks ports 2082 and 2095, which are used to access cPanel and Webmail. Most office networks and hotels have a firewall setup to block access to the ports required to access cPanel and Webmail. In that case, try using a so-called proxy-subdomain to access cPanel and Webmail via the regular port 80:

For cPanel, please use http://yourdomain.com/cpanel
For Webmail, please use http://yourdomain.com/webmail
If you get the username/password dialog box, but your login attempts are not accepted, then be sure that your hosting account is active (not suspended). If your hosting account is active, then try to send a ticket to support team to reset the password for you.

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